COVID update:
The tours will be carried out in small groups of 12 (although legal maximum is 30 people) while the situation improves. Use of facemask is mandatory. Hygenic gel will be provided at the beginning of the tour and audio devices and/or apps will be used to facilitate safety distance among participants. More infomation on booking. Because of the COVID situation, changes may apply to the tour agendas

Exclusive guided tours

Enjoy the best of Murcia!

We will trace back the origins of Murcia and its medieval muslim heritage, as well as the early years into Castille after the Reconquer led by future King Alfonso X and later his uncle James I of Aragon. You'll see the remains of the old medieval city wall, learn about life in medieval Murcia, the history and legacy of 'King Wolf' and his influence in Murcia's development throughout popular and less known archeological remains

Duration: 3h aprox. From 9€ pp. Bookings

Not just a tapas tour, but a full cultural visit based on Murcia's great gastronomic history, the Orchards, the local farmers and our most iconic foods. We will explore together the multicultural origin of Murcia's cuisine, the birth of the 'Orchard of Europe' and the agro-industry that shaped our region as you see it today. Get to know Murcia through its' food history. Note: Due to COVID there will be no tastings during the tour.

Duration: 3h aprox. From 11€ pp. Bookings

The perfect tour for those who visit Murcia for the first time. We will explore the most iconic monuments and spots in the city center. You'll hear about the city's most curious anecdotes, important historical moments, a 'bit of this and that' that will definitely surprise you. Throughout the tour I will also provide 'tips' on local tapas and sites for you to enjoy your free time in Murcia later on.

Add visit to the Cathedral or Casino  +3€ pp.

Duration: 3h aprox. From 9€ pp. Bookings

Are you on a tight schedule? In this short walk we will take you through the most special sites. You'll be amazed with everything Murcia has to offer and we will make our best to help you in making the most out of your time in the city You'll be looking forward to coming back soon!

Includes a visit to either the Cathedral or Casino, your pick!


Duration: aprox 2h. From 10€ pp. Bookings

We will explore Cartagena's Roman legacy through Carthago Nova's most important heritage: Theatre, Forum and an old Domus. From its Carthaginian origin and Escipion's smart conquer, we will enravel the misterios of the Roman Capital, how people lived and how much of that legacy is still around in modern times

Includes visit to two monuments.

Duration: 3h 30min. From 16 pp.

Ideal for first-timers who visit Cartagena and don't wanna miss anything. We will walk the historical center of the city, exploring Carthago Nova's most important legacy, the city's military history and the modernism society of the early XX century. A tour with Cartagena's top picks, full with stories and anecdotes

Add a visit to the Roman Theatre or Forum +5€ pp

Duration: 3h. From 9€ pp. Bookings

Are you on a tight schedule? In this short walk we will take you through the most special sites. Cartagena's Roman legacy and art nouveau architecture will definitely impress you. A special short tour specially designed for those visitors who want to get to know our oldest city but can't afford a lot of time.


Duration: 2h aprox. From 7€ pp. Bookings

Cartagena's version of our gastronomy-based tour, here we will focus on the local gastronomy, its Roman influence, our sea gastronomy and the 'war food'. You will learn about the impact Romans had in our food and farming, the sea and military tradition through cuisine and habits from yesterday and today. Note: Due to COVID the will be no samplings so far.

Includes entry to monuments.

Duration 3h 30min. From 16€ pp. Bookings

Don't miss this unique coastal spot! Explore the culture and military history of the coast of Cartagena and Mar Menor, natural wonders, untouched beaches, pirate stories, sea wrecks and sea tradition that goes back thousands of years.

Add a visit to the Sea Wildnes Centre and/or Cabo de Palos' Lighthouse.

Duration: 2h. From 5€ pp

At this traditional sea village and in colaboración with local fishermen, we will explore Mar Menor's sea tradition, history and fauna. The tour includes a visit to the local Lonja, a boat tour to unravel our fishing traditions and towards either the nature reserve of Grosa Islands or across Mar Menor, following sea condition. We will stop for swimming and lunch (not included).

Duration: full day. From 65€ pp. Bookings


Enjoy a full tour to Murcia's unique 'Oasis'. The complete tour will take us to visit the water wheels, the most important heritage from the Orchards. We will then walk across lemon tree orchards, enjoy the best panoramic views and visit one of the most popular spas in Europe. You will also experience the Moorish legacy of the valley. A must in Murcia!

Duration: 4h aprox. From 16€ pp. Bookings

Explore in detail the water management heritage of the Orchard, unique and most important in Europe. Learn its secrets, origin, evolution and how technology innovation transformed our orchards into the modern industry we have today. A tribute to our River Segura and the ingenious local ancestors

Add a extended walk through the orchards or a cultural visit to the nearby rock paintings and archeological site of Medina Siyasa

Duration: 2h 30min. From 12€ pp

This visit is centered on the southern area of the Valley, wandering across lemon orchards, irrigation channels and pintoresque small villages of moorish origin. We will explore the moorish legacy, the traditional lifestyle of the Valley, the history of lemon in Murcia and the local gastronomy.

Includes tasting. Add a visit to famous spa Balneario de Archena

Duration: 2h 30min. From 12€ pp. Bookings

During early spring in February and March, the valleys of Ricote and Cieza dress up in wonderful colors due to peach, plumb and apricot flower blooming. One of Spain's most beautiful spring sceneries! Don't miss this amazing multi-color wonder landscape!

Combine your guided walk among the flowers with a cultural visit to the Valley of Ricote, the rock paintings or the nearby archeological sites.

More information coming soon.

Wine special

Are you passionate about wine? Then you're lucky, because the Region of Murcia is home to three wine Designations of Origin as well as many other small wineries. Together, they produce over 100 million bottles of wine per year, many of which are sold abroad. Therefore, you may be able to visit your favorites wine orchard or get to know more wines you can later find at home. There are plenty of choices that will surprise you!
Combine your wine experience with a cultural visit in the surroundings. Discover Bullas and the Northwest(Caravaca De la Cruz, Cehegín, ..), the Valley of Ricote, Jumilla or Yecla. Explore old Roman villas, rock paintings and archeological sites

Tailor-made and multi-way programs

In addition to our most iconic guided visits, we design multiday itineraries and tailor-made experiences all over the Region of Murcia for professionals and individual customers alike
Are you visiting the Region of Murcia for business, or else to enjoy golf / diving?
Are you a professional looking for the perfect plan for a group or company outting?
Are you interested in a tailor-made combined offer of cultural, active and gastronomy tourism for your stay in our Region?
The Region of Murcia is still full of surprises, less visited, off-the-beaten path incredible spots! Contact us for an exclusive visit plan according to your interests and schedule

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