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iFeelMurcia Tours was born out of the vision of a rather atypical ‘murciana’, curious in spirit and a true traveller at heart. Like most other ‘locals’, I was born and raised in a little village by the orchards, just out of Murcia. I spent my summers at the coast of Mar Menor; some of my greatest memories include swimming next to the pier, playing with starfish and seahorses, which in retrospective makes me feel rather privileged.

I dreamed of traveling and learning about other cultures. I spent many years living abroad, traveling all around Europe. I’ve seen amazing places and enjoyed incredible adventures. I encountered anonymous people, travelers and friends that even now still inspire me. I’ve been quite fortunate in that way. 

Back in 2016 I decided to follow my passion and became a Tourist Guide. Together with the greatest team of colleagues I could have asked for I learned the business and lead my first tours, introducing guests from all over the world to the most amazing scenery possible: the Norwegian Fjords.

Since then I have grown considerably as a Guide, learning new travel styles and destinations. I began to work as a Tour Manager in Scandinavia, Spain and the rest of Europe, leading groups through Lapland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Portugal, …  and of course, Spain. I also earned the license of Authorized Tourist Guide in the Region of Murcia, where I have led guided visits for private customers and all sorts of groups: schools, cruises, seniors, families, …

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I know work simultaneously in Murcia and Europe managing both regular and VIP groups at the top level.

iFeelMurcia Tours is my latest personal project, inspired by all this previous experience, and aiming to provide a new fresh and renovated vision of the Murcia Region to both visitors and locals alike throughout new exciting experiences and carefully designed guided visits

Behind each tour there is careful and exhaustive work to bring back our Region’s old memories, tales, heritage … forgotten in time, and jump ‘back in time’ to Murcia’s past life, to those significant moments that marked our history and slowly built our identity, and how we influenced history back. Join our tours to discover a different side of Murcia, feel our past cultural imprint and enjoy tasting our wines and flavours from the Orchards, the true heart of Murcia.

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