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Our capital, a city fashioned by Islamic heritage, Baroque architecture and modernism introduced by the early orchard industry bourgeoisie . If the heart of the Orchards is the land, the brains is the city of Murcia.  As the song ‘Murcia how beautiful’ says, those who visit are very pleasantly surprised by our tapas, beer and beauty of our monuments and parks. King Alfonso X fell so in love with our city that he arranged for his heart to be buried here ..

Available Routes:

  • Secrets of Medina Mursiya
  • Murcia Gourmet: a food story
  • The ‘Top Ten’ of Murcia, get to know our highlights!
  • Murcia Express + Casino or Cathedral, you pick!
  • Evening Murcia Tour

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Murcia. Rutas temáticas y visitas guiadas gastronómicas en la ciudad de Murcia


The oldest city in the Region, erected by Carthaginian generals Hannibal and Hasdrubal. Cartagena’s history has always been tied to its importance as military strategic port and the abundance of mineral in the nearby mines. As we walk the city in our guided visit you will discover all major aspects that contributed to shape the city’s identity as we know it today: the roman legacy, the military, the mining and the modern ‘art-nouveau’ buildings.

Of course, not less important, you’ll learn about Cartagena’s amazing gastronomy!

Available routes:

  • Exploring Carthago Nova, the great Roman capital.
  • The ‘Top Ten’ de Cartagena, get to know the highlights!
  • Cartagena Express + Roman Theatre or Forum, you pick!
  • Cartagena Gourmet: a food story
  • Cartagena in times of War

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Valley of Ricote

One of Murcia’s best kept secrets, this narrow valley is our little ‘Oasis’. River Segura runs along the entire valley, and by the riverbanks we still preserve the best heritage of the Orchards you can visit in Spain as well as the oldest lemon crops in the country. Ricote is known as well as the ‘Moorish Valley’ as it hosted one of the latest moorish communities to be deported from Spain, and their legacy is rather big here.

Available tours:

  • Full visit to the Ricote Valley, Moorish legacy, water and Orchards.
  • Ricote Valley: Moorish legacy & lemon Orchards
  • Ricote Valley: The water tour, discover the orchard heritage
  • Valley of Ricote Express
  • Valley of Ricote in multi-colored flowers (February & March)
  • Peach blooming season in the Orchards of Cieza (February & March)
  • Valley of Ricote: Xmas tour
  • Walking tours through the Orchards of Ricote

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Valle de Ricote Murcia

Wine tourism

Visit our cellars and wineries in Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas and complete your gourmet experience with a tasting or a guided cultural visit

Available routes:

  • Wine tourism in D.O Bullas + guided visit to Caravaca de la Cruz, Bullas or Cehegín
  • Wine tourism in D.O Jumilla + guided visit to Jumilla
  • Wine tourism in D.O Jumilla + Valley of Ricote Express
  • Wine tourism in D.O Yecla + guided visit to the rock paintings at Mount Arabí or Yecla

And so much more …

The Regi0n of Murcia is full of surprises, less visited, off-the-beaten path incredible spots that are really worth visiting: archeological sites, rock paintings in a unique style typical of levante, charming little villages, mining heritage sites, nature parks, undisturbed beaches, privileged sunset views and outstanding creeks.
Guided tours in Cabo de Palos and Mar Menor, guided walks in the nature, tours to Caravaca, Cehegin and the North West, ..

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My most recent project, iFeelMurcia Tours is born out of the vision of a rather atypical ‘murciana’, curious in spirit and a true traveller at heart. At this troubled times I seek to bring to locals and visitors alike a new fresh and renovated vision of the Region of Murcia throughout new exciting experiences and guided visits.


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